Scriptural Basis of the School

It is important to the organisers of the Bible School that harmony about the things of the Truth is maintained at the school so that a real fellowship may exist amongst those who attend. We also feel that these are troubled times in the Brotherhood where errors of various kinds have been promulgated and tolerated. On account of this and in the interests of harmony and unity, the following guide has been drafted to explain the Scriptural basis and standards expected in the hope that like-minded brethren and sisters may unite around them.

Basis of Fellowship

The basis of our association together is the "Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith" ("BASF"), taken in its entirety (including both positive and negative clauses). That means that we share a fellowship with others who both accept the positive aspects of the BASF and also reject the false ideas in the "Doctrines to be Rejected" section.

We do not accept teachings such as a non-literal serpent, immortal emergence, the "clean flesh" theory regarding the nature of Christ and other unsound ideas that have, over the years, gained a foothold within the Christadelphian community despite being contrary to the BASF.

We expect views expressed at the school to be in harmony with the principles of doctrine and prophecy upon which the Christadelphian body has been founded.

Bible Version

We use the Authorised Version in all our readings from the platform, and speakers are asked to substantially base their remarks on that version.

Atonement and the Nature of Christ

We believe that, in Scripture, sin relates not only to transgression of the law but also to that physical principle of the human nature which causes death. This is inherited from Adam by all his descendants, and was inherited by Jesus by being born of Mary. In this way he was ‘made sin for us' (2 Corinthians 5:21) having ‘laid on him the iniquity of us all (Isaiah 53:6). For sin to be condemned by his death on the cross (Romans 8:3), it was necessary for sin to exist in Jesus’ body.

By his inherited nature, Jesus was defiled, separated from God and in need of salvation. This nature enabled him to be ‘tempted in all points like us’ (Hebrews 4:15), both externally and internally, having a will which was independent of his Father’s will (Luke 22:42). Thus he was a true representative of us and his sacrifice was a covering for his own sin nature as well as ours.

He was ‘yet without sin’ in terms of actual transgression, submitting his will to that of his Father and in character (but not in nature) was thus at one with his Father and a perfect sacrifice.

Divorce and Re-Marriage

We believe that re-marriage during the lifetime of a former partner is contrary to the commandments of Christ, and so is unacceptable within the Ecclesial family.

Use of the Memorial Name

We have respect for the divine name of Yahweh. We regard its actual use in readings, prayers and addresses as a matter for individual conscience.

Wearing of Hats

In accordance with the principles set out by the Apostle Paul, Sisters are expected to wear hats at our formal meetings.

Current Evangelical Trends

We view with concern the evangelical trends that are evidenced within our community, sometimes accompanied by erroneous views suggesting the present possession of Holy Spirit gifts, that national Israel are no longer the chosen people of God and other similar errors. Those who hold these views and views sympathetic to those expressed in the ‘Endeavour’ magazine would not be welcome (nor would indeed find any benefit) at the school.


We reject teachings on evolution and theistic evolution (evolutionary creationism) because they contradict scripture and nullify the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ.