Main Studies

The subjects and the study leaders for the main studies are to be:


"The Generation of Jesus Christ, Son of David, Son of Abraham"

Bro. Mark Evans

ďDo we give enough time to genealogies in the scriptures? Perhaps we skip over them when they form part of our daily readings. But "ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God....that the man of God might be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works". God willing, we are going to consider some genealogies in our first sessions, mainly using Matthew chapter 1 as the basis for our remarks. Here we find the most important genealogy in the Bible for it gives the royal lineage of our coming King, The Lord Jesus Christ.

But the first 17 verses pose some interesting problems. e.g. Why are 42 generations split into 3 sets of 14? And since there are 42 generations, why are there only 41 names given? Why the unusual inclusion of women? Moreover, why include women who appear to be of dubious backgrounds? And why have a genealogy of Christ through Joseph at all-when Joseph was not the father of our Master?

I hope that these and other considerations will stimulate our interest and encourage us to give more time and diligence to those genealogies which we won't have time to cover during our week together but which, nevertheless, have been left on record for our learning.Ē


Jonathan - Faithful Friend and Loyal Son

Bro. Reuben Evans

ďAs the firstborn son of King Saul, Jonathan should, by rights, have been the next king of Israel. We know well enough his character to realise he would have been a marvellous leader over Godís people. And yet it was not to be.

Our studies will, God willing, show us the uncomplaining way he accepted the apparent injustice of losing his future throne and instead embraced, educated and engaged the one who was to take his place.

We will explore his faithful friendship with David, his loyalty to his father and above all his love of Yahweh. We will see how Jonathan stood in the midst of one of the most complicated love triangles in scripture! And yet how he balanced these relationships skilfully and wisely in all he said and did.

Our simple aim over our five studies is to travel through his life as itís presented and to ensure that we leave our school understanding why David loved this man, and how fortunate Israel were to have Jonathan supporting his errant father behind the scenes.

By Godís grace, I pray we will enjoy taking some practical lessons from the greatest king Israel never had.Ē


Matthew - Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven

Bro. Adam Pavett