Childrens' and Young People's SessionsChildren & Young People

Separate sessions have been arranged for the children and young people whilst the brethren and sisters are enjoying the studies led by the three main speakers. These will be held at the same time, with all breaks being concurrent. We are grateful to all those brethren and sisters who are helping in these sessions. 


The very young pre-school children will have a Bible Story and do a small project, followed by an indoor and then an outdoor (weather permitting) activity.

The older children will have a lesson as shown below, followed by a project session and then a practical activity.

Young People

During the first session each day the young people will be divided into two groups, according to age.   The second session is planned to be supervised personal study (project work for the younger ones) to include Bible Marking, based on the first study of the day.

The third session will be the ‘Principles in Practice’ session.