The purpose of the Bible School Bulletins is to inform brethren and sisters of the arrangements that have been made for the Bible School and to encourage one another as we serve our probation waiting for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ or the Bible School to commence.

They will be produced at the end of September, November, January, March and July, distributed by post or email to the attendees and also posted on this web site.


Dear Sis Brethren and Sisters and Young People,

Greetings in the hope of Israel

As we head deeper into Autumn, those hot summer nights are fading in the memory; the storm season is approaching and we see all around us in the words of Psalm 148 “stormy wind fulfilling his word”. The literal impact is clear to see and the prophetic impact is just as dramatic as the sea of nations is very troubled. A challenging time for the leaders of Britain and Europe with less than 6 months to Brexit, they wrestle with difficult issues oblivious to the will of our Heavenly Father and the work of the Angels around them.

As we head towards the end of the year the Bible School Committee have once more begun work, how quick the time flies! Our thanks to Bro Andrew Smith and Bro Geoff Jacks who have completed the “PowerPoint plus audio” files of this year’s talks and have only now to finalise the best way to distribute the talks. For those who expressed interest in this format, thank you for your patience.

Planning for the 2019 School God Willing is now definitely underway and more details will follow over the coming months. As we always say please book in as soon as you can as this really does assist the organisation and planning.

We think of the welfare of our Brethren and Sisters and are sorry to report that Sister Karen Hopper was taken ill at the end of the holidays in North Devon and since the end of August remains in the Intensive Care Unit of the Barnstaple District Hospital suffering from Severe Acute Pancreatitis. Early signs suggest that Sister Karen will be in hospital for a long time. We think of Bro Phil and Sis Ellie and their very practical challenges with Sis Karen so far from home. We also think of Bro John Cave who is seriously ill in a hospice in Worcester and Bro Dennis Redshaw has very recently had much needed back surgery and we hope that after his recovery he will feel the benefit of this procedure.

We pray our Father in Heaven will look down in his merciful kindness upon all of his children in need in accordance with His will. May the longed-for time soon be here when the Great Healer will once more be back in this earth to bring an end to the misery and suffering that has plagued our mortal frame since the days of Adam.

As we go about our work in our respective Ecclesias may we all be encouraged that we are living in the latter days and the wickedness of man will very soon be called to account. Let us remain strong, exhorting one another to continue in the Faith, knowing that it is through much tribulation that we enter the Kingdom of God (Acts 14:22).

Sincerely, your brother,

Paul Hamnett, on behalf of the committee

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Dear Brethren and Sisters and Young People,

Loving greetings in the glorious Hope of Israel

We have now arrived at the midway stage between our last Bible School, and the next, if Yahweh is willing and our Lord has not returned by then. Our preparations for the next school are progressing and Bro Mark Evans has written an introduction to his studies to whet our appetite. His overall subject is: “The Generation of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham’:

“Do we give enough time to genealogies in the scriptures? Perhaps we skip over them when they form part of our daily readings. But "ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God....that the man of God might be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works". God willing, we are going to consider some genealogies in our first sessions, mainly using Matthew chapter 1 as the basis for our remarks. Here we find the most important genealogy in the Bible for it gives the royal lineage of our coming King, The Lord Jesus Christ.

But the first 17 verses pose some interesting problems. e.g. Why are 42 generations split into 3 sets of 14? And since there are 42 generations, why are there only 41 names given? Why the unusual inclusion of women? Moreover, why include women who appear to be of dubious backgrounds? And why have a genealogy of Christ through Joseph at all-when Joseph was not the father of our Master?

I hope that these and other considerations will stimulate our interest and encourage us to give more time and diligence to those genealogies which we won't have time to cover during our week together but which, nevertheless, have been left on record for our learning.”

It is with great sadness that we report that two of our brethren and sisters have recently fallen asleep: our Sis Karen Hopper and Bro John Cave. Our brother and sister had been seriously ill for some time and, in the mercy of our Heavenly Father, their sufferings are now over, and they sleep awaiting the glorious resurrection morn. Our prayers and thoughts are with Bro Phil, Sis Ellie and the rest of Sis Karen’s family and with Bro John’s family. We also report that Sis Lisa Hamnett has recently returned home following hip surgery and is progressing well. We trust that our loving heavenly Father will continue to oversee all our brethren and sisters and their loved ones during this probation period.

The “PowerPoint plus Audio” files from this year’s school are now available for download. To obtain a link please visit the ”Audio and Video” page on the 2018 section of the Bible School website (www.springbibleschool.org) or requesting one via email: mp3@springbibleschool.org.
One of the suggestions made at this year’s school was to bring the evening study (currently at 8pm) forward to 7.30pm. This would give the opportunity for an earlier bedtime for those wishing to retire early, or to give time for longer fraternisation over evening coffee. Do you have any comments on this suggestion; do you think it is a good idea or can you think of any problems it would raise? Please give your comments to a member of the committee and we will review them at our next meeting, God willing.

As the dark nights of winter draw in, we find that the darkness in the world about us becomes even more intense, reminding us of the words spoken by Christ in the Gospel of Luke “upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring”. We may find the present issues regarding Brexit, a little confusing, with man not knowing where to turn, but we can be assured that the current situation is exactly as it must be, because all things “work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
Sincerely, your brother,

David Taylor, on behalf of the committee

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