Afternoon Activities

Sports DayThe Monday afternoon will be taken up with the Main Studies while the Children's Address and Prize Giving will be held on the Thursday afternoon. On the Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons the daily readings will be considered.  There are a number of informal activities arranged for the children and young people such as craft and a sports afternoon.

Reading Sessions

The consideration of the Daily Readings will is led by a brother on Tuesday and Wednesday, with time given for other brethren to ask questions or to offer some thoughts of their own.

Prize GivingSports Day

The children and young people attending the school had been busy studying sections of the scriptures and also doing project work and other activities based on the scriptures. Their efforts were rewarded by the distribution of suitable prizes.

The Bookshop Bookshop

The bookshop will open regularly through the week and is stocked with a wide selection of both new and second hand books, together with other items than will help in effective bible study.


For those who were fit and able and felt a need to stretch their legs after sitting Setting out on the Ramble during the study sessions, a ramble was held in the surrounding countryside. The area has many small woods and copses, some of which can be reached from the grounds of High Leigh without having to venture onto the surrounding roads.

Museum Trip

In previous years, we have enjoyed trips to a number of venues.

The Jewish Museum

The British Museum

The Bank of England Museum

If you have any thoughts on the museum trip please contact us via email or use the enquiry form.